The Complete God. M-02

I believe in Almighty. 

And by saying Almighty I mean I believe in that Perfect Equanimity which is being provided without any discrimination of Caste, Color or Creed and it will be with us Forever. 

You do something Good, It’ll gift you with Prosperity. 

You hurt someone or commit a sin, it’ll still accept you if you accept yourself and your sins. 

Well, I’m not talking about Hinduism, Sikhism or any other of Isms out there.

I’m actually talking about that power which is actually out there and Equally showering rain and sun each and everyday from Dusk to Dawn from Summer to Winter from Rich to Poor. 

We may have Property or Houses on a piece of land named after us.

Some have more. Some have less. 

But, Sky will be Equally everyone’s Property. 

You can’t Own the Sky. 

So, What is Almighty which I’m believing? 

As I’m sitting here in front of this Beautiful and mesmerizing scenery 👇


I can proudly say that: 

Mother Nature is Almighty.

Mother Nature is The Complete God. 

G- Generator. 

O- Operator.

D- Destroyer. 

Thank you for reading.  🙏

God Bless You. 🙌

Morning Walk and Morning Thought. 

P.S: Light of Spiritual Knowledge will Enlighten your soul if you’re close to Nature.