Smoggy Thoughts M-03

I wish I could write what I actually think. 

like A splash from the sea of Arab on my feet then a handful of Lava spreaded on my face while my hands are Icy Cold and I dive directly to the sea to take deep dive, while reaching towards the very bottom of the sea, A door opens downwards and water released me in the sky and while doing this sky diving I usually opens my eyes and drink warm water and stand up from my chair and starts to make myself a Coffee. 
Was I dreaming? 

Was it the side effects of watching Hollywood Movies like Point Break/Inception? 

Nope… It wasn’t! 
I can’t describe what is going on outside here. you know I see, I touch, I feel, I embrace and I’m listening to a never ending sound of flute around the galaxies of this infinite universe. 
and then, I hear someone whispers inside me saying that 
All you know is something within you is starting to detect that there’s a deepest meaning of Life. 


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